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“Where should I eat in Chinatown?” is a question Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng hear often as Chinese-Americans. In this Season Three premiere, we try to answer not only where, but what and why too. We talk and taste with expert friends, including internationally celebrated Chinese-American chef Ken Hom, who describes in loving detail his Chinatown childhood comfort dish of lap cheong steamed over rice. And New York Times best selling novelist Lisa See, who shares her father’s tomato beef chow mein. Plus author Wen Huang, who explains the northeastern Dongbei trend and dishes, with cumin crusted grilled lamb skewers, and much more. And Will She Eat It? is back, with preserved duck, plus listener guest Eleanor Ou! BTW Monica is half Chinese and half Puerto Rican/Peruvian, more on that in future episodes of Chewing the Fat! (Photo by Louisa Chu/Grilled lamb skewers at Homestyle Taste near Chinatown in Chicago)

Louisa and I try Chicago’s first sustainable lop cheong on this week’s season launch of Chewing the Fat—Chinatown style.

Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng chow down on the 34th annual Taste of Chicago!

Whether you make Dorilocos, Tostilocos or Takilocos, here’s the basic recipe. Buen provecho!

This morning I (Monica) did an interview for WBEZ at Goodness Greenness the biggest distributor of organic produce in the Midwest. What does it say about our society that this mecca of sustainable produce is located in the middle of a Chicago neighborhood whose grocery stores look like this? 

On this bonus WBEZ Pledge Drive Chewing the Fat special, hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng are back from tasting the future of food! Monica and Louisa break bread, with smoked butter and sous-vide-cooked steak and eggs, with culinary tech maker Philip Preston, inventor and owner of PolyScience. They flavor trip on miracle berry inspired chocolate and bacon donuts with Moto and Berrista chef and owner Homaro Cantu. Plus US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) CEO Randy Krotz tells us how we as consumers drive meat to the market. And Blue Hill co-owner, chef, and author of The Third Plate Dan Barber details a multi-course meal of the future, including the Rotation Risotto he’s serving right now.

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(Photo: Louisa Chu/Flickr—Bacon chocolate donut test for Berrista in Chicago)

This week we dig into the rising intolerance for the gluten intolerant by talking to celiac scientist Dr. Stefano Guandalini, comedian Brian Babylon, blogger and author April Peveteaux (“Gluten Is My Bitch”) and WBEZ COO Alison Scholly. (Photo by Louisa Chu)

Hot Doug’s owner, Dough Sohn, announced he will be closing the gourmet hot dog stand this fall. Customers standing in line reflect on the announcement and what the restaurant meant to them. The small Avondale restaurant took the Chicago hot dog stand to the pages of the New York Times Food Section. Customers lined up around the corner and would wait hours for the tasty cased meats. Louisa Chu, co-host of the podcast Chewing the Fat, joins us from outside Hot Doug’s in Avondale.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Stu_Spivak

“We’ll always have Paris,” says Chewing the Fat! But is the best food in Paris still made by the French? This week hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng have a tête-à-tête-à-tête with blogger and author David Lebovitz about his new book “My Paris Kitchen.” And catch up with former Gourmet magazine European correspondent Alec Lobrano, who’s just updated his restaurant guide, Hungry for Paris, and released his new book “Hungry for France.” Plus Monica and Louisa go on a croissant crawl in Chicago, tell you how to pick pastries like a Parisian, and reveal their top croissants in the city!
(Photo: Flickr/Mini croissant au beurre from Beurrage in Chicago—Louisa Chu)

What’s the best croissant in Chicago? I gathered a few below but am open to other suggestions for our Paris episode coming up.

When’s sustainable food delicious — or sustain-alicious, if you will? Chewing the Fat’s Monica Eng and Louisa Chu ask Chipotle chef Nate Appleman, who’s trying to change the world one fast food burrito at a time. Plus Leghorn Chicken chef / partner Jared Van Kamp who just opened his socially conscious chicken sandwich shop. And award-winning veteran sustainable chef Bruce Sherman whose first concern at his restaurant North Pond has always been the delicious. Bonus: Louisa and Monica introduce a new segment “Delicious Combo” exploring unexpected flavor sensations with nori fries. Can you handle this? ‘Cause my food’s too sustain-alicious for ya babe…

Hear our brand new Spring episode of Chewing the Fat with Girl Hunter Georgia Pellegrini, WBEZ contributor Nari Safavi on the foods of Nowruz and Monica and Louisa fighting about the ethics of picking wild garlic and ramps.

Chicago’s Good Food Festival 10 years this year and plans to celebrate with chef demos and workshops on kombucha, cured meat, beer brewing and more. WBEZ’s Monica Eng Reports. 

Oscars’ Ellen selfie? So last week! This week, Chewing the Fat is at the movies! Co-hosts Monica Eng and Louisa Chu talk food IN the movies with Filmspotting co-host Adam Kempenaar, from “Goodfellas” to “Soylent Green.” Then, Monica and Louisa get insider tips from their boss Justin Kaufmann on fancy new food and drink AT the movies, and learn how one might smuggle an entire bottle of wine in a Ziploc bag. Plus, Farmer Gene of Tiny But Mighty Foods explains exactly what is the stuff he calls “ancient heirloom popcorn.” . All that and much more, on this week’s Chewing the Fat! (Photo: Flickr/ScypaxPictures)

Monica and Louisa talk about this Mannish Water (Jamaican goat soup) and other ethnic aphrodisiac foods on the Valentine’s Day edition of the Morning Shift on WBEZ. Have you ever eaten this dish or others mentioned in Monica’s Tribune story? Listen Friday and call us live at 312-923-9239