Chewing the Fat
2 months ago
2 months ago

So long, and thanks for all the fish? Hold the boat! This week Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng try to stem the tide in the Seafood episode. They ask New York Times best-selling author Paul Greenberg what are our best sustainable choices. And Jon Rowley, whom Julia Child called “The Fish Missionary”, about how to pick them. Plus a visit to Calumet Fisheries, the James Beard award-winning smoked seafood shack, to eat Gulf shrimp and hear fish stories from manager Carlos Rosas. But aged salmon bottarga? Podcast intern Iris Lin takes the plunge, but Will She Eat It? (Photo by Louisa Chu / Fried smelt at Calumet Fisheries in Chicago, Illinois)

7 months ago
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