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Louisa and I try Chicago’s first sustainable lop cheong on this week’s season launch of Chewing the Fat—Chinatown style.

When’s sustainable food delicious — or sustain-alicious, if you will? Chewing the Fat’s Monica Eng and Louisa Chu ask Chipotle chef Nate Appleman, who’s trying to change the world one fast food burrito at a time. Plus Leghorn Chicken chef / partner Jared Van Kamp who just opened his socially conscious chicken sandwich shop. And award-winning veteran sustainable chef Bruce Sherman whose first concern at his restaurant North Pond has always been the delicious. Bonus: Louisa and Monica introduce a new segment “Delicious Combo” exploring unexpected flavor sensations with nori fries. Can you handle this? ‘Cause my food’s too sustain-alicious for ya babe…

Hear our brand new Spring episode of Chewing the Fat with Girl Hunter Georgia Pellegrini, WBEZ contributor Nari Safavi on the foods of Nowruz and Monica and Louisa fighting about the ethics of picking wild garlic and ramps.

Chewing the Fat survived the Polar Vortex! Now Monica and Louisa go on their favorite getaways, on a plate. Hey, we’re on public radio budgets! It’s our Season One finale so we’re taking a mini vacation. But before we go, we’ll transport you to summer at a Mexico City market taco stand, via tacos al pastor in Chicago. And time travel fortified with hot chocolate and cinnamon streusel coffeecake, through a historic hotel lobby. Louisa makes Monica a vintage Korean recipe called Army Base Stew — Will She Eat It? Plus, Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot from Sound Opinions drop by to share some favorite diners, and talk about the best places to find some grub after a night of live music. And, pop quiz: Food words you might be pronouncing wrong. All that and much more! (Tacos al pastor at El Chapin Carniceria y Taqueria in Chicago/Louisa Chu—Flickr)

For those of you who want to know who the heck we (Monica Eng and Louisa Chu) are and why you should listen to our podcast, here is our origins episode. Not our GREATEST work but a good little backgrounder.