Chewing the Fat
2 months ago

All American halal gyro cheeseburgers and camel milk? YES. This week Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng taste those and more on this Halal episode, exploring food at the end of Ramadan, during the Eid celebration. But what is halal food? Monica and Louisa ask their WBEZ colleague Mariam Sobh, who’s also the founder of the wildly popular lifestyle blog Hijab Trendz, about halal food trends. And they visit halal Pakistani-Indian restaurant Shahi Nihari Hot N Spicy to feast on American fare, including burgers, cheesesteaks, and wings. Plus Will She Eat It? this week is Will He Drink It? featuring Desert Farms camel milk, from Midwestern Amish camel farmers, and podcast intern Patrick Burns. Hear how halal food and drink is not just for religious reasons anymore, but health and ethical too. (Photo by Louisa Chu / Halal gyro cheeseburger at Shahi Nihari Hot N Spicy restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois)

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