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It’s mid-August in Chicago and for many people that means tomato season. But there are many controversies surrounding this love apple that has worked its way from the Americas to most of the world’s cuisines. Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng learned this as they researched their Tomato Tomahto episode.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Will this pastured chicken taste better than a factory farmed bird? We explore the nexus of sustainable and delicious on this weeks Chewing the Fat.

We talk to chef Nate Appleman, Jared Van Kamp and Bruce Sherman about what makes food sustainable and if that always means delicious.

Louisa and Monica want to thank all of the WBEZ members who made our upcoming Chewing the Fat live event at City Winery sell out in 35 seconds. YOW! We promise to have more events with more seats in the future. If it’s any consolation will will post pics and sound from the event here.

Inspired by Georgia Pellegrini’s book Modern Pioneering, I squeezed up a bunch of homemade sauerkraut last night using just these two ingredients and lots of squishing. 

Colleen Sen shares her Top 4 South Asian Breakfasts in Chicago. Mine is halwa puri. Did yours make the list? Halwa Puri

Next week on Chewing the Fat we will Spring forward with our favorite foods of spring including the food of the Persian spring festival called Nowruz. Our friend Nari Safavi made us this delicious her omelet or kookoo sabzi when he came in to talk to us.

Today we are releasing a Chewing the Fat movies extra, featuring filmmaker Jeff Spitz who talks about his new documentary food patriots featuring food heroes of the Midwest and some very brave chickens. You’ll come out of it wanting to raise a few cluckers of your own. You’ll also be inspired by the food work being done at Prosser High School under biology teacher Marnie Ware and others.

Happy Paczki Day / Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday from Monica and Louisa and all of us at Team Chewing the Fat! From top left: rose hip, drunken chocolate, strawberry whipped cream, and chocolate raspberry jam paczki from Delightful Pastries in Jefferson Park in Chicago.

Watch as this elderly paczki maker cruelly burns Monica and Louisa with these deep fried doughnuts just to make a point. I want to make these at home with my home rendered lard and tallow, but I won’t be burning innocent visitors with them.

Don’t forget to buy your paczki for Fat Tuesday and paczki weekend in Chicago. Hint: Plan to eat the warm freshly fried doughnuts in the bakery or in your car where you have a hot cup of coffee waiting. They taste soooo much better eaten two hours (rather than eight hours) after they are made.

We launched our first episode of our second season today—on Pazcki Day of course. Check out these delicious, frying bobbing treats.

Less than one week until Chewing the Fat is back with our second season! We’ll kick it off with an exploration and appreciation of our favorite lipid: fat. Expect much deliciousness! (FYI, that’s Monica above left, and Louisa above right.)  

When we interviewed Mario Batali and Joe and Lidia Bastianich about the opening of Eataly Chicago we still didn’t know how the pricing would work. Monica finally went back and found this humongous piece of focaccia for a bargain $2.80. Her delicious little jar of truffle spread, however, was $20. There seems to be something for every budget in this food wonderland. [Splenda for scale! — Louisa]