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1 month ago

Chefs are the new rock stars, and rock stars are certified chefs. But what about diners? Does head banging metal make a better burger? How do experts pair a perfect summer tomato? Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng share their all-access pass to the recent Sound Opinions BBQ, and what they heard about food and music.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr/ MasterMaq

2 months ago

It’s mid-August in Chicago and for many people that means tomato season. But there are many controversies surrounding this love apple that has worked its way from the Americas to most of the world’s cuisines. Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng learned this as they researched their Tomato Tomahto episode.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

6 months ago

This week is Passover, Holy Week, and Orthodox Easter. This year all of these holidays so happen to all fall on Sunday, and we look at some traditional foods that are an important part of these religious traditions. This special Chewing the Fat holiday edition compares Orthodox and non-Orthodox traditions and includes an on-air feast of, what else, marshmallow Peeps. Chewing the Fat co-hosts, Monica Eng and Louisa Chu join us in studio with Food Fanatics Senior Editor Carly Fisher. WBEZ’s Al Keefe joins us from Boston to talk about cooking for Passover and Orthodox Easter.

Photo Credit: WBEZChicago Instagram

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