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Louisa, Monica and our intern Patrick Burns try camel milk for our second video installment of “Will he/she Eat it?” on Chewing the Fat.

All American halal gyro cheeseburgers and camel milk? YES. This week Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng taste those and more on this Halal episode, exploring food at the end of Ramadan, during the Eid celebration. But what is halal food? Monica and Louisa ask their WBEZ colleague Mariam Sobh, who’s also the founder of the wildly popular lifestyle blog Hijab Trendz, about halal food trends. And they visit halal Pakistani-Indian restaurant Shahi Nihari Hot N Spicy to feast on American fare, including burgers, cheesesteaks, and wings. Plus Will She Eat It? this week is Will He Drink It? featuring Desert Farms camel milk, from Midwestern Amish camel farmers, and podcast intern Patrick Burns. Hear how halal food and drink is not just for religious reasons anymore, but health and ethical too. (Photo by Louisa Chu / Halal gyro cheeseburger at Shahi Nihari Hot N Spicy restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois)

Where and what to eat in Chicago’s Chinatown? Plug in your earbuds and pull on your eating pants and join Chewing the Fat’s Louisa Chu and Monica Eng along with their author pal Wen Huang for a guided eating tour of Chinatown Square, from the east to west end. On this first Chewing the Fat “Raw”.

“Where should I eat in Chinatown?” is a question Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng hear often as Chinese-Americans. In this Season Three premiere, we try to answer not only where, but what and why too. We talk and taste with expert friends, including internationally celebrated Chinese-American chef Ken Hom, who describes in loving detail his Chinatown childhood comfort dish of lap cheong steamed over rice. And New York Times best selling novelist Lisa See, who shares her father’s tomato beef chow mein. Plus author Wen Huang, who explains the northeastern Dongbei trend and dishes, with cumin crusted grilled lamb skewers, and much more. And Will She Eat It? is back, with preserved duck, plus listener guest Eleanor Ou! BTW Monica is half Chinese and half Puerto Rican/Peruvian, more on that in future episodes of Chewing the Fat! (Photo by Louisa Chu/Grilled lamb skewers at Homestyle Taste near Chinatown in Chicago)

Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng chow down on the 34th annual Taste of Chicago!

Whether you make Dorilocos, Tostilocos or Takilocos, here’s the basic recipe. Buen provecho!

In this cookout episode of Chewing the Fat Louisa and I talk about our late night Korean galbi dinner years ago with chef Marco Pierre White, His  temper was almost as hot as the meat on our grill that he turned with his bare hands.

What’s your favorite hot sauce, you know like the one you buy in the 8.5 gallon size? Louisa Chu and Monica Eng will be talking fiery sauces on WBEZ’s The Afternoon Shift Wednesday as a lead up to July 4.

On this bonus WBEZ Pledge Drive Chewing the Fat special, hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng are back from tasting the future of food! Monica and Louisa break bread, with smoked butter and sous-vide-cooked steak and eggs, with culinary tech maker Philip Preston, inventor and owner of PolyScience. They flavor trip on miracle berry inspired chocolate and bacon donuts with Moto and Berrista chef and owner Homaro Cantu. Plus US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) CEO Randy Krotz tells us how we as consumers drive meat to the market. And Blue Hill co-owner, chef, and author of The Third Plate Dan Barber details a multi-course meal of the future, including the Rotation Risotto he’s serving right now.

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(Photo: Louisa Chu/Flickr—Bacon chocolate donut test for Berrista in Chicago)

LISTEN to our Chewing the Fat COOKOUT episode HERE! Louisa Chu and Monica Eng discuss deliciously dangerous BBQ with Low & Slow BBQ author/Barn & Company pitmaster Gary Wiviott; Gluten Is My Bitch author/blogger April Peveteaux; and legendary anchorman/new Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me scorekeeper/Tallgrass Beef Company’s Bill Kurtis!

(Photo: Flickr/Christopher Craig)

This week we dig into the rising intolerance for the gluten intolerant by talking to celiac scientist Dr. Stefano Guandalini, comedian Brian Babylon, blogger and author April Peveteaux (“Gluten Is My Bitch”) and WBEZ COO Alison Scholly. (Photo by Louisa Chu)

This week we mix it up with anchorman, and sometimes judge & scorekeeper of NPR/WBEZ’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” Bill Kurtis. He talks about his delicious and nutritious Tall Grass beef franks. Plus, we grill “Gulp” author Mary Roach about the benefits of juicing and extreme chewing. And we learn the secrets of eating like a movie star with actor John Turturro who wrote, stars and directs the new movie “Fading Gigolo.”

Ruth Reichl and Alice Waters! Chewing the Fat hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng welcome in studio Reichl, former “Gourmet” magazine Editor in Chief, and Waters, chef and owner of Chez Panisse. They were in town for the Chicago Humanities Festival event, “The Art of Simple Food: Alice Waters in Conversation with Ruth Reichl”. Monica and Louisa learn the the truth about Ruth’s highly anticipated Twitter inspired book, and hear her struggle writing the recently released Delicious!: A Novel. Alice talks about her new book, “The Art of Simple Food II: Recipes, Flavor, and Inspiration from the New Kitchen Garden.” All that and listener mail — finally! (Photo: Monica Eng, Alice waters, Ruth Reichl, Louisa Chu)

Just some more pics of our Top 5 Chicago croissants from Beurrage (Louisa’s No. 1), Eclair, Fritz (Monica’s No. 1) and Cellar Door.