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“Where should I eat in Chinatown?” is a question Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng hear often as Chinese-Americans. In this Season Three premiere, we try to answer not only where, but what and why too. We talk and taste with expert friends, including internationally celebrated Chinese-American chef Ken Hom, who describes in loving detail his Chinatown childhood comfort dish of lap cheong steamed over rice. And New York Times best selling novelist Lisa See, who shares her father’s tomato beef chow mein. Plus author Wen Huang, who explains the northeastern Dongbei trend and dishes, with cumin crusted grilled lamb skewers, and much more. And Will She Eat It? is back, with preserved duck, plus listener guest Eleanor Ou! BTW Monica is half Chinese and half Puerto Rican/Peruvian, more on that in future episodes of Chewing the Fat! (Photo by Louisa Chu/Grilled lamb skewers at Homestyle Taste near Chinatown in Chicago)

Louisa and I try Chicago’s first sustainable lop cheong on this week’s season launch of Chewing the Fat—Chinatown style.

Louisa and I braved the Taste of Chicago and massive turkey legs fir WBEZ listeners.

Chewing the Fat co-hosts Louisa Chu and Monica Eng chow down on the 34th annual Taste of Chicago!

There’s nothing like a clean kitchen and fresh hydrangeas from the garden to make life feel like a ball of cherries

My plan for world health and world domination is to open a restaurant that only serves my Nana’s rice and beans along with delicious kale.

Happy 4th of July weekend.

Whether you make Dorilocos, Tostilocos or Takilocos, here’s the basic recipe. Buen provecho!

In this cookout episode of Chewing the Fat Louisa and I talk about our late night Korean galbi dinner years ago with chef Marco Pierre White, His  temper was almost as hot as the meat on our grill that he turned with his bare hands.

Chicago Public Schools will offer free meals to all students—including well-off kids—starting in September. I (Monica) broke the story today on WBEZ

This morning I (Monica) did an interview for WBEZ at Goodness Greenness the biggest distributor of organic produce in the Midwest. What does it say about our society that this mecca of sustainable produce is located in the middle of a Chicago neighborhood whose grocery stores look like this? 

Which do you like better on your fruit Tajin or Miguelito?

I (Monica) made this crisp juicy chicken the other night with Thomas Keller’s fabulous high-heat Bouchon recipe. But I skipped the part of about rinsing the bird. I wish you would, too. Washing the chicken just spreads campylobacter (found on 70 percent of US chickens) all over the place. So stop it.

What’s your favorite hot sauce, you know like the one you buy in the 8.5 gallon size? Louisa Chu and Monica Eng will be talking fiery sauces on WBEZ’s The Afternoon Shift Wednesday as a lead up to July 4.